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Domed Roof Lanterns

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Domed roof lanterns

Add a stunning architectural statement to your designs by incorporating a roof lantern bringing light and space to your room.

Our curved roof lantern range is the most sophisticated range available on the market. By using the latest in timber and glass curving technology we can achieve the stunning grand design befitting any prestigious property.

A prestige curved or domed hardwood roof lantern is the ultimate in luxurious living, providing a central feature made of timber and glass, adding light and grandeur to any room.

Please see the sizes and price list for our full range of hardwood curved and domed roof lanterns. However, if it is something unique you are looking for then we can manufacture bespoke double or triple curved roof lanterns to any shape or size.

Everything you need to install will come with your prestige roof lantern allowing a fast and tidy installation process on site with minimal disruption.


More About DOMED Roof Lanterns

Would your Property suit a Domed Roof Lantern?
Roof lanterns are manufactured in both domed and flat roof styles. At Country Hardwood, we feel that domed roof lanterns are a great option for larger properties in the country and those properties where the owners want to add a touch of grandeur to a room, specifically (but not exclusively) to conservatories and orangeries.

Domed roof lanterns become a central piece in any room and are most suited to the most prestigious properties.

Domed roof lanterns make an architectural statement and, undoubtedly, bring light and space into your property.

The Difference between a Domed Roof Lantern and a Domed Roof Skylight
Domed roof skylights are much smaller than domed roof lanterns and, depending on personal opinion of course, much more unsightly than flat roof skylights and domed roof lanterns.

The main advantage of a dome or curved shape is to maximise the amount of light in the room, ultimately by providing a larger surface area for the sunlight to reflect through. When light hits a dome (or convex) shape, the light rays spread out in all directions. This means that light can hit the dome from many directions and, ultimately, dome shapes reflect more light than flat ones.

At Country Hardwood, we think that domed roof lanterns, rather than domed roof skylights, offer more natural light for a more spacious, open and luxury feel to a property, because they offer a bigger surface area and are much more aesthetically pleasing.

Domed Roof Lanterns from Country Hardwood
The curved roof lantern range from Country Hardwood is the most sophisticated and prestigious range available on the market. This is because we use the latest in timber and glass curving technology.
You can view the sizes and price list for our full range of hardwood curved and domed roof lanterns here:

That said, we also offer unique quotes and we can manufacture bespoke double or triple curved roof lanterns in any shape or size.

Everything you need to install will come with your prestige domed roof lantern from Country Hardwood. This means that the installation will be fast and tidy, with minimal disruption to your home and daily life.
For more information on domed roof lanterns from Country Hardwood, call us on 01296 714314.

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