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Should you install solar panels in your conservatory?

It actually comes as a surprise to most people that you can have solar panels installed in your conservatory. Although most people are familiar with solar panels being installed on a house, a conservatory is not usually at the top of the list in regards to being the place to have solar panels fitted.

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How to Use Your Orangery

Country Hardwood offer luxury and superior orangeries that can add value to your property and provide extra, comfortable living space. There are many ways that you can use an orangery and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditional garden room style room with a wicker sofa, cream rug and newspaper basket, you can actually get as creative as you like with what you use your orangery for. Here are a few ideas....

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Should you opt for open plan?

Should you always opt for open plan? Here, we consider the benefits of having doors in your home so you can think about the advantages and disadvantages of going open plan.

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Wooden Conservatories vs uPVC Conservatories

At Country Hardwood, we offer only high-quality, hardwood and timber, wooden conservatories. This is because wooden conservatories are generally regarded as a more luxurious option to uPVC.

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Roof lantern fitting – the stages of installation

Over the years we have worked on the design and construction of many unique and different hardwood roof lanterns for a varied audience from architects and trade partners to property developers and DIY enthusiasts. Our team of specialist designers use the latest CAD technology to create a range of roof lanterns from stunning architectural styled roof lights to curved and domed roof lanterns. No matter how intricate the design our bespoke roof lanterns are very simple to install as the roof components clip together and we provide accurate and detailed roof lantern fitting instruction for every one we produce.

Homebuilding & Renovating Show

This week the Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2013 kicks off with its national event at the Birmingham NEC. If you’re looking to extend your home then no matter what stage you are at, this is an ideal place to get inspiration and pick up tips from experts in the industry. With tricks of the trade demonstrations, the master class programme and regular seminars, there are plenty of opportunities to help brush up your knowledge or get your questions answered in all manner of areas of building and renovation.

Extending a property is a cost effective way of maximising space without all the hassle and expense of moving. However, whether your vision is to extend the kitchen with a luxury wood orangery and timber roof lantern or add more space to the living room with a contemporary style conservatory and sliding bifold doors out to the garden, it is important to plan carefully. Consideration should be given to the following:
  • Where you want the extension
  • Set a budget and contingency for the unexpected
  • Draw some rough plans of how you want your extension to look
  • Check and apply for planning permission as necessary
  • Appoint contactors and get proper plans drawn up
  • Organise easy access for the contractors and minimise disruption
  • Whatever your plans, a visit to the UK’s largest self build and renovating event can help
  • turn them into a reality.
For more information visit the Homebuilding & Renovating Show website.

Green Deal – pay for energy saving improvements through your fuel bills

Last month saw the launch of the Green Deal, a new initiative that will let householders pay for energy saving improvements to their homes, through savings on their fuel bills. The following energy saving improvements covered under the Green Deal initiative are:

  • insulation – e.g. loft or cavity wall insulation
  • heating
  • draught-proofing
  • double glazing
  • renewable energy technologies – e.g. solar panels or wind turbines
So how does it work?
There are 4 stages to the Green Deal process as follows:
First you have to get an approved Green Deal assessor to view your property to evaluate what improvements can be made and how much you could potentially save as a result through your fuel bills Once you have the assessors report you then take it to a registered Green Deal provider who can discuss with you what work from the report you want done. Once improvements and costs have been agreed you will then sign your Green Deal Plan contract.

The provider will then arrange for a Green Deal installer to carry out the work. Once the work has been completed, you pay back the cost of the improvements in instalments over time through your electricity bill To encourage people to make improvements to their home through the Green Deal incentive the Government has launched a cash back scheme offering customers money back once they’ve applied and been assessed with the earliest applicants receiving the highest rates available. For more information about the Green Deal incentive visit the energy saving trust website.

Orangeries – a room for all seasons

With the days now noticeably shorter and the distinct crispness of Autumn in the air, many of us have looked back at the Summer feeling that this year we’ve been somewhat cheated of our quota of English sunny days. With the seasons a lot less predictable than they used to be, the great British weather continues to surprise us.

For years we have been designing and manufacturing orangeries and conservatories and when we talk to our customers about their ideal room, the weather often plays a large part in the decision, in particular the position of the sun. Whether it’s to have the pleasure of the sun rise over breakfast in the morning or to enjoy the sound of the rain while unwinding with a glass of wine after a long day at work, the design process for many is about bringing the outside in and enjoying all the seasons from inside their own home.

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Here at Country Hardwood we are happy to help and happy to discuss your project / product requirements. We deal with all general enquiries and trade enquiries. Our team can also provide guidance and advice on design considerations / making sure your project meets planning permission / building regulations.

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