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Flush casement windows, as the name suggests, are designed so that the sash casements sit flush within the frame and not proud of the main frame as demonstrated on our “stormproof” style of window.

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Flush Window Frames

Despite the name, these are every bit as weatherproof as our “stormproof” window system, incorporating the same double weather seals and lipped glazing gaskets. With its clean lines and sleek finish, the flush casement window suits every property type from modern contemporary to period and more distinctive homes.

Although our flush window range looks more traditional than our “stormproof” windows, our flush window range can still incorporate many of the more modern features available, such as egress/easy-clean hinges, child restrictors and trickle vents. They also use the same thermally efficient 28mm double-glazed units used in all of our windows and doors.

All of the locking hardware and the hinges for the windows are hidden within the frame rebates and as such are not visible from the inside or outside when the window is closed, which is an advantage as compared to some of our competitors who leave these visible on their flush windows. This also helps with security, as it is not possible for intruders to directly attack the hinges or locks from the outside of the building.

These windows are a popular choice for conservation and listed buildings as they offer exceptional performance and durability without compromising on traditional design aesthetics.

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