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At Country Hardwood we design and build bespoke, orangeries and conservatories, all built in natural timber by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods..

Each Country Hardwood conservatory and orangery is designed specifically for you, to reflect your ideas and aspirations. Using our highly skilled design team, we work closely with you throughout the project to deliver a unique addition to your home which will complement the existing architecture and enhance your living environment.

We use high quality natural West African Hardwoods (Utile) from renewable sources, and all our timbers are specially selected for their high quality and fine grain. As well as combining beauty and natural durability, the inherent thermal quality of wood reduces heat loss to a minimum and its rich colour and texture bring a wonderful feeling of warmth to your home.

For some ideas and inspiration on how to create a bespoke conservatory design and turn your vision into a stunning reality, visit our Conservatory Gallery – here you’ll find more information about our stylish Victorian, Edwardian and Gable fronted designs.


Conservatory Types

Each Country Hardwood conservatory is hand crafted and bespoke so whether you are considering improving a modern house or extending your period property, we can provide just what you need - designed specifically for you and your property, to reflect your ideas and aspirations.

From a simple lean-to conservatory to a stylish Victorian, Edwardian for Gable fronted design, our highly skilled design team will work closely with you throughout the project to deliver a unique addition to your home which will complement the existing architecture and enhance your living environment.

For some ideas and inspiration take a look at some of the bespoke conservatory design projects we have completed and turn your vision into a stunning reality.

Glazing Options

Conservatories used to be known for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, but glass technologies have advanced so much over the years that this isn’t now the issue it once was. With many manufacturers of double glazing offering self-cleaning and solar control properties such as the Pilkington Activ range, the glass you choose can actually offer many benefits such as reduced energy bills and noise level control.

You can now take this even further by choosing triple glazing and benefiting from the latest glazing option available on the market which can help to bring your energy bills down. Originally devised to combat the harsh winters of Canada and Scandinavian countries, triple glazing can reduce the heat loss through the windows by up to a third more than efficient double glazing. As the name suggests there is an additional pane of glass included in the unit which provides its exceptional thermal insulation properties. As triple glazed units benefit from having a very low U-value*, windows that use them can often exceed the current maximum “A” window energy rating.

As well as the energy benefits offered by triple glazed units, the reduction on noise levels from outside disturbances and enhanced security also makes triple glazing an ideal solution for properties in built up suburban areas. Further information on triple glazing and glazing options for conservatories and orangeries is available on our website *U-value reflects the thermal insulating performance of a building. the lower the co-efficient is, the better the insulating performance.

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Want to see more of what our joinery offers?

We make luxurious, bespoke, high quality products from the finest hardwood materials. Why not visit our product gallery to see our range of conservatories, orangeries, windows, doors and roof lanterns.

Manufacturers of bespoke conservatories, orangeries, roof lanterns, windows and doors.

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