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Should you install Solar Panels in your Conservatory?

Should you install Solar Panels in your Conservatory?

Capturing solar energy

It actually comes as a surprise to most people that you can have solar panels installed in your conservatory. Although most people are familiar with solar panels being installed on a house, a conservatory is not usually at the top of the list in regards to being the place to have solar panels fitted.

How does it work?
In smaller conservatories, the solar panels can be used to heat the conservatory itself. A small conservatory can have solar panels mounted onto one of the walls, and then the heat can be transferred to the conservatory through a thermostat.

In larger conservatories, where you are using the heat to pow er your home, you could have the solar panels installed on your roof.

Are there any Benefits to have Solar Panels fitted to your Conservatory?
Considering that most conservatories allow in enough light during the summer to be warm enough, sometimes even too warm, there is almost little need for solar panels to heat just your conservatory in summer.

That said, in winter, conservatories can get extremely cold, even to the point where they become an unused fridge-like room and do need heating. Bu t are solar panels, in winter when there is least sunlight, the most efficient way to heat a conservatory?

Solar Panels fitted to a flat hardwood roof conservatory however, where the roof will last at least 25 years (since this is how long the solar panels will last), can provide great benefits in terms of heating the rest of your home and saving on electricity bills.
Solar panels do not need a constant supply of sunlight to work but should be facing south and not positioned in a shadow. In addition, you roof should be sound and built to last at least 25 years.
You should contact a professional solar panel company to give you advice on heating your property with solar panels.

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