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How to Use Your Orangery

How to Use Your Orangery

Creative Living Ideas

Country Hardwood offer luxury and superior orangeries that can add value to your property and provide extra, comfortable living space.

There are many ways that you can use an orangery and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditional garden room style room with a wicker sofa, cream rug and newspaper basket, you can actually get as creative as you like with what you use your orangery for. Here are a few ideas:

Home Cinema
Do you like watching movies? Do you like inviting friends round to join you? A home cinema can be a great way to use your orangery if you do! From horror to chick flicks, an orangery can help create a great social ambiance while you watch your chosen film.

It might simply be that you like watching the big screen and will enjoy the space on your own! Why not? An orangery should be a room that benefits you as an individual.

If you are thinking of a home cinema though, you will definitely need to consider installing some good quality blinds as orangeries allow a lot of natural light into the room, which could potentially spoil your movie and cinema-style atmosphere.

An Office
A practical room that will offer a pleasant place to work, an orangery office would allow plenty of natural sunlight in, and would probably overlook your garden, providing a relaxing work space. An orangery office would suit those who work from home and, what’s more, you can style your office based on your work and how you enjoy working. Whether you require a minimalist-looking office with a traditional desk or an artist’s work station with tons of plant pots scattered around you, you can tailor your office to suit your individual requirements.

A Gym
Forget the basement or the garage and lift weights from the comfort of a glass orangery! Look out over the garden or view from your house as you pedal on the bike and run on the treadmill. Watch the sunrise if you train in the morning and watch it set in the evening!

What’s more, Country Hardwood offer bespoke roof lanterns that you could have installed on your orangery to make the views of the morning and night sky even more wonderful!

A Music Room
Whatever instrument you play, strings, percussion or wind, an orangery can provide the perfect extra space for a practice room. Gone are the days when your instrument is left at the end of your bed and you are struggling for space to stand your music!

A Bedroom
You can have an orangery as an extended living space and use it as an extra-bedroom. If you need more space or are having a baby, a bedroom in an orangery will provide a cost-effective alternative to moving house and, in addition, add value to your property.

Again, you will want to consider installing blinds for the evenings and night times, when any natural light may flood in through the glass.

For more information on how you can use your orangery, contact Country Hardwood on 01296714314. 

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